Bitcoin wants Kanye

Photo by Lionel Cironneau

If you haven’t heard already, Kanye West is back on Twitter and the crypto community wants him on their side.

On Kanye’s twitter feed, you’ll see everything you can expect to see from the artist: Tweets of Wisdom, advice, cryptic, artsy pictures, and stuff about his wife and family.

But on April 25, Kanye tweeted the unthinkable:

Naturally, the crypto community went wild! Crypto and blockchain enthusiasts flooded him with replies about bitcoin, altcoins and ICOs.

Anthony Pompliano was even reported to be trolling West with bitcoin tweets. Pompliano replies to most, if not all of West’s tweets with funny bitcoin/crypto tweets.

In an interview with The Daily Dot, Pompliano explains:

“The reason I’m doing it—one is, it’s just funny and kind of me and a bunch of friends joking around.”

The crypto community got even more excited when Kanye tweeted out about a “Yeezy VC” as seen here:

Though VC very most likely stands for Venture Capital rather than Virtual Currency, the crypto community is still persistent, trolling West with requests for a YeezyCoin, Koinye, or PabloCoin.

Pompliano explains to The Daily Dot that West is the “perfect fit” for bitcoin:

“You see him tweeting about-—he’s nobody’s client, he doesn’t need a manager, and I think that by tokenizing the capital stack he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. He has people who believe in him and are going to give him capital and he can go make his ideas a reality.”


Regardless of the probability of it happening, it is clear that the crypto community highly anticipates a tweet about the industry.



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