Bitcoin Cash Meetups now a big thing


The Bitcoin Cash network has expanded immensely over the past few months with regard to infrastructure support, merchant adoption, and developing on-chain applications. The significant increase of BCH concentrating on meet-ups appearing in countries around the globe as organizers of these groups steadily promotes the adoption of bitcoin cash.

There are many ways people can be educated about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions. Some do research on bitcoin and digital currencies, and maybe engaging in online forums. Others opt for a more hands-on approach and attend bitcoin seminars and meetups. As bitcoin cash support thrives these days, many people internationally are organizing or attending BCH-related meetups. Many individuals use a website called Meetup, a platform promoting group organizing for various interests and hobbies which includes crypotcurrencies.

Since bitcoin cash was introduced, people started using Meetup to create BCH groups that meet occasionaly. Currently, there has been a lot of BCH groups that have regular meetings in different places such as San Francisco, Tokyo, Boston, Seoul, London, Amsterdam, Nigeria, Kenya, Hong Kong, Toronto, Seattle, Orange County, Brazil, Malaysia, Helsinki, Beijing, Cancun, Sweden, and many more. Also, there are BCH-centric groups like the nonprofit Bitcoin Cash Fund that assist organizers fund BCH meetings worlwide.

A nonprofit, the Bitcoin Cash Fund aims to promote BCH adoption on a global scale as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system,” as stated by Satoshi Nakamoto. It also sponsors another group named @BCHMeetups which may be followed on Twitter. The account publishes posts in bitcoin cash meetups in various countries. The group also publishes information on where people can find bitcoin meet-ups in their specific area and posts pictures and stories from events that occurred.

There are also pretty large groups involved in some of the BCH meetups which aims to promote bitcoin cash. For instance, the BCH Seoul meetup has 529 members, London (433), Tokyo (558), and Oslo (727), and these groups keep climbing in number. Additionally, individuals can find BCH-focused groups using which shows a wide array of bitcoin cash meetups around the globe. Bitcoin cash focused meetups globally are encouraging more people interested about this innovation expanding BCH adoption as the cryptocurrency revolution grows more popular.


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