A Blockchain Bootcamp in Saudi Arabia


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) of Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with ConsenSys, a global blockchain specialist firm, had held a three-day “blockchain bootcamp” as part of its duty of technology development in the country.

The bootcamp was made to introduce the attendees to the multitude of uses of blockchain tech in businesses and governance. The bootcamp featured a training course for developers to learn how to develop decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain.

Lina Hediah, Executive Director of ConsenSys MENA, said:

“The aim of this workshop is to leverage Saudi Arabia’s untapped human resource potential, equip them with knowledge and insight, so they understand the power of blockchain and the current and future potential of its application.”

The Deputy Minister for Technology, Industry, and Digital Capacities Dr. Ahmed Al-Thenayyan stated that the bootcamp was part of the MCIT’s action plan for 2020 where they aim to trigger the country’s “digital transformation”.

According to Al-Thenayyan, modern tech like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain tech play a major role in the development of a country. Blockchain tech would pave the way for KSA to achieve its “2030 vision”.




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