Revolut expanded with Bitcoin and Ripple


Revolut, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, has added BItcoin Cash and Ripple to its service offers. Three years ago, Revolut began as a startup company which was to offer a different type of banking service in order to represent an independent banking company.

Now that the fourth and third best currencies, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple are being sponsored by Revolut, it is interesting to find out whether this occurrence affects the growth of BCH and XRP, which is possibly the next step for all of the big digital coins and digital assets.

Revolut was initiated as a small startup company with its goal set to become an independent banking service which offered easy but urgently-needed payment schemes on an international scale. The company originally began under the name Revolut in the year 2015 and were immediately capable of reaching the limits of a huge company.

Aside from being a banking service company, Revolut boasts of itself to becoming the fastest growing company in Europe, having high probability of globally expanding, which would obviously be the next step for the company.

Because of this, Revolut engaged in funding rounds, raking in 250 million dollars in revenue in their last booming funding round. Revolut now has 1.7 billion dollars in market cap, following the earning of the 250 million dollars, which anchors its standing as Eurpoe’s fastest growing company.

Because of the successful funding round, the company is preparing for two different funding rounds: one in Sounth America and one in Asia, which shows, in every way, the progress of Revolut towards its growth.

But where is Bitcoin and Ripple in this setting?

Revolut is planning on its further expansion, as it is said to be the fastest growing company in terms of financial tech industry. Because of this, Revolut offers various banking services including peer-to-peer payments, global and international transactions, exchanging and purchasing cryptocurrencies, personal loans, remittance and exchanging of fiat currencies.

Revolut Crypto is the company’s service that endirses transactions powered by cryptocoins.  This service has added Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Etherum to its service options just until recently.

Following the events and announcement yesterday, Bitcoin and Ripple have been included to the existing crypto team Revolut Crypto is currently offering, as said by Revolut.

The decision to add two more currencies, BCH and XRP, to their digital list of assets was announced by the head of the company since they would want to celebrate the 250 milion-dollar revenue from the funding round.

There is currently a plan to kick off the services of Revolut by the end of 2018 in order for their market to grow in Singapore, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada.

It is expected that the assets supported by Revolut will undergo expansion themselves since Revolut Crypto will also be among these services. This means that Ripple and Bitcoin Cash will surely be on board for expansion globally which is presents a new goal for all major digital assets especially that the digital market is being better understood now.

Bitcoin Cash, the fourth-best currency as reported by the global coin ranking list, is doing a great job in spite of its recovery from impact of the latest selloff a couple of days ago since many holders maybe were eager to rake in some profit from the latest rebound.

Rising at 3.78% in oppose to the fiat value, BCH is going up against the dollar following the latest change in the market.

But although BCH is increasing as opposed to the dollar, this currency is dipping against Bitcoin but only trading in the red with a small drop of -0.68%

Because of this, the exchange for Bitcoin Cash is at 1385.65$ per one unit.

Although struggling to reach the value of 1$, Ripple remains as the third best currency without question because of its market cap. Being added by Revolut is without question adding to the expansion of XRP although Ripple is already used to being applied in different systems of banking because of Ripple’s own xCurrent.

Following the latest change in the market, Ripple gained almost 5% alongside the dollar, which is trading in the red.

Additionally, XRP has also increased in trade value against BTC, while crawling up for a slight rise of 0.42% against Bitcoin.

One unit of Ripple can now be purchased at  0.84$ per one unit. This means that XRP may almost acquire the expected 1$ value in case this digital asses continues with the recent growth pace.


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