Bitcoin murder-for-hire


A 31-year-old- woman from Illinois has been arrested by police and is being charged in a murder-for-hire plot and Bitcoin plays a part.

Tina Jones worked at the Loyola Medical center with the married man she had an affair with and later on, the married man decided to end the affair. Of course, Jones was not happy with it.

She, then, decided to hire somebody to kill her ex-lover’s wife and came across Costra Nostra International.

The DuPage County State Attorney, Robert Berlin said that, “She went on this website which apparently bills itself as a murder-for-hire type website, and she paid the money assuming that this was going to happen, and had paid over $10,000 to have this woman killed.”

“This woman not only paid over $10,000, but she left specific instructions on the website as to when the woman’s husband would be at work, so they would know when this woman would be alone. She left instructions not to hurt the husband and also to make it look like it was an accident.” Berlin added.

After a full investigation, Tina Jones turned herself into the police and appeared in court. She was charged with solicitation of murder-for-hire and bail was set at $250,000.

Using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin for black market transactions have been rampant lately as people believe that the added anonymity can help protect them from the authorities. While that may be partly true, authorities have caught plenty of murder-for-hire attempts using crypto, showing that criminals are not entirely safe from the law.


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