Blockchain May be A Big Deal, Some Day


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies may become a big thing. Maybe. Some day. If things go smoothly and people play their cards right.

You might think this sounds skeptical but it’s more or less the deduction of one of the industry’s true believers, Adam Ludwin, the founder tech company Chain.

If there were more people like Ludwin in the growing and promising industry, there would be far less hype. However, that’s not how these things work. Ludwin himself admits there is enough noise but also a visible signal. A decentralized system for managing software applications and for trading money/currency free of government control does sound promising. However, the problem is it is more promise than current value.

Ludwin’s theory is that we’d be less bothered about the blockchain technology if it doesn’t involve money. But, because it does, it’s easy to get people’s attention—and mindless investment!

Ludwin is also a sought-after speaker on this topic because in October last year he wrote a long note taking to task American business executive Jamie Dimon.  Ludwin and Dimon met in Davos in January and the former lavished praises on crypto projects J.P. Morgan and Chase has pursued from then on.

If a lot of things go right, then there’s something positive in store for blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry in the future.


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