Meet Five Influential Women Making Waves in Blockchain


The latest tech boom has been highlighting cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Although this new field is still dominated mostly by men, women are also closing and making an impact on the industry.  The blockchain space is, in fact, the perfect place for women who want to make a difference.

We’ve put up a list of five women who are currently making waves and making an impact in the blockchain and crypto space. We hope they serve as an inspiration for budding female techs and entrepreneurs.

Piper Moretti

Moretti is the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group, which specializes in real estate transactions using cryptocurrency. Moretti is a licensed international luxury realtor at one of the world’s largest luxury real estate brokerages—Christie’s International Luxury Estate.  Moretti is passionate about the crypto space and helps clients find or sell property using cryptocurrency all over (and beyond) Los Angeles.

Learn more about The Crypto Reality Group here.

Manju Mohan

 Mohan is the co-CEO and co-Founder of Ionixx Technologies that help businesses bring their ideas to reality with the help of technology. Ionixx is focused on mobile and web technologies that can help digitize businesses. Its recent project is focused on applying blockchain technology to the process of verifying educational certificates for business and recruitment managers.

Learn more about Ionixx here.

Mihriban Ersin Tekmen

Tekmen is co-founder and COO at Colendi, a cross-border credit-scoring platform that uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and independent service for the FinTech world. Colendi is a decentralized platform and aims at changing the way we define “banking”. Tekmen is also the co-founder of Fintechtime, an independent publication that provides the latest news, insights and analysis on FinTech markets across the globe.

Learn more about Colendi here.

Shadan Azali

Azali is Dispatch Lab’s vice president of investor relations. Before joining Dispatch Labs, Azali headed corporate philanthropy initiatives at the Bank of America and Ally Bank.

Azali expresses hope that the increasing number of women stepping into leadership roles and the continued support and mentorship for young girls entering STEM programs will translate to more opportunities for women in technology.

Learn more about Dispatch Labs here.

Elizabeth McCauley

McCauley is a member of the board of directors at the Bitcoin Foundation and an advisor at the BitGive Foundation and Coin Congress. McCauley used to be an assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives where she was introduced to blockchain and crypto. McCauley was then working on the adoption of bitcoin in the U.S.


These women are not only making huge impacts in the blockchain and cypto space, but they are also helping forge a path to help other women get into a predominantly male industry.

Just because the number of women in tech fields have always been significantly lower compared to men does not mean it will always stay that way. Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize many industries in the years to come, and women will be playing a major role in that revolution.


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