Cryptocurrency Payments to Be Accepted in Major Shopping Mall in Europe

Photo from Total Slovenia News

Blockchain platform Eligma announced that they are testing the beta version of their cryptocurrency payment technology EliPay. The technology will be used by selected retailers in one of Europe’s largest shopping complexes, BTC City.

BTC City will be the first mall in the world to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for purchases. The Slovenia-based mall has over 450 stores. Although not every store in the mall will be using EliPay, several major retailers have already issued Eligma their letters of intent.

Ease of Shopping

As part of the Eligma platform, EliPay makes use of an artifical intelligence (AI) system to ease users’ shopping experiences. The AI system makes it easier for online shoppers to find products they might like by monitoring transactions and making recommendations based on previous purchases. Eligma also rids of the need to create accounts and submit personal information on numerous shopping websites as users can just use a single account to shop.

The Economy of the Future

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Eligma founder and CEO Dejan Roljič stated that blockchain tech and AI are still in their infancy stages making them the pioneers of “the economy of the future.”

They garnered the support of many in the industry because their platform adds value to cryptocurrencies. Charlie Shrem, founding partner of the Bitcoin Foundation, praised the Eligma team, saying that they are going the right direction towards showing the world the true value and use of crypto:

“What the team is developing is exactly what the crypto community needs after a decade: a way to move crypto from exchanges to enable us to use them to buy everyday stuff with systems like Elipay.”

The company has just concluded its presale and started its crowdsale on Tuesday and will be ending on May 8.


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