Police Shut Down Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm in Russia

The Russian police have infiltrated an illegal crypto mining farm in Orenburg and had arrested the two suspects in charge of the mining operations.


Around 6,000 computers and servers were found at an old RTI plant in what the Russian police believe to be a bitcoin mining farm in Orenburg, Russia. Aside from the computers, the police had also discovered equipment that connected the mining farm to the power grid.

Irina Volk, spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia, said that the farm had stolen 8 million kW/h worth of power amounting to 60 million Rubles or $1 million.

Rumors about this mining farm have already been circulating a month prior to the discovery. It was even dubbed as the largest mining operation in the Volga Federal District. Power engineers have detected the significant energy consumption levels and suspected large-scale electricity theft. They have alerted the authorities about it last month but the police have not commented on the issue then.

Two former employees at the old RTI plant were caught and charged with property damage and other criminal offenses.


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