CoinJanitor asks help from the Crypto Community


CoinJanitor wants to collaborate with the crypto community to solve the abundance of inactive virtual coins polluting the market.

Being the prototype, Bitcoin has a huge number of successors following its digital footsteps.

Unfortunately, not all newly-made digital coins are successful. Investors of these so-called dead coins have no choice but to abandon them because they failed to achieve their goals. These dead coins are now kept in a wallet somewhere, useless.

The cryptocurrency community believes that there’s more to these dead coins. However, due to the lack of knowledge and definition of these said coins, finding an effective and suitable solution is a struggle.

CoinJanitor, based on its name, aims to clean the cryptocurrency space from dead coins that, up to this moment, are useless. But not for CoinJanitor, this project wishes to help its holders restore some of their lost value.

For this aim to be successful, CoinJanitor came up with their definition of dead coins.

For them, dead coins are coins, tokens and virtual currencies that are functionally dead, which means they cannot be traded on exchanges are therefore useless to their holders.

The CoinJanitor will initiate to take a step forward to give the holders of this coins a chance to recycle their dead coins and participate again in the crypto economy.

CoinJanitor is now asking for the crypto community to speak and share their knowledge and opinion about the dead coins. What they have right now is an ‘initial’ definition and they know that there’s more to it than what they have figured out.


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