MasterCard Needs Blockchain Specialists

The corporate giant seeks to expand to further incorporate blockchain technology to their operations and they would need a skilled workforce to help them do it.


More and more companies are looking into incorporating blockchain technology into their operations. Companies in the healthcare industry, the finance industry, and even government agencies have started to explore technological possibilities with blockchain tech.

Blockchain tech is finally being recognized as a powerful technology on its own and not just as the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies. And, according to Irish Tech News, the technology is about to get even more recognition as Mastercard, a corporate giant, looks to further incorporate it in its operations.

Blockchain Experts Needed

Mastercard opened its Mastercard Lab in Dublin, Ireland in 2012. The lab focuses on digital payment solutions and it is currently providing jobs for 380 people. In a move to further intensify research and development in the field, Mastercard will be offering 175 more tech jobs.

The company is looking for software engineers, data scientists, analysts, project managers, cloud infrastructure specialists, product designers, information security experts, and last but not least, blockchain specialists.

Ken Moore, EVP of Mastercard Labs, said:

We need great minds who can look outside of Mastercard’s traditional payments expertise and create solutions to benefit our customers around the world

Dublin as Mastercard’s FinTech Hub

The expansion is done as the company recognizes Dublin and even the entire country of Ireland as an attractive location for FinTech operations.

“Ireland is the heart of our global innovation efforts–throughout Mastercard, Dublin is admired as a key technology hub–we’re looking to replace the innovation culture we’ve fostered here in our offices around the world,” said Moore.



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