Tippr the Bitcoin Cash Tipping Bot

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

Meet Tippr!

Tippr is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tipbot that you can use on Twitter and Reddit to “tip” users with BCH for their good content.

It’s much like giving a cash tip to a sidewalk musician whose music you enjoy. Only with Tippr, it’s through social media using BCH.

You can also receive “tips” when you put out good, quality content on the supported social media platforms.

According to the Tippr Reddit statistics, 11,810 Reddit users use Tippr. 25,576 tips worth $85,261 have been sent. The social media platform’s largest tipper is a user called asicshack who has sent 93 tips amounting to $7,582.60. The most tipped user is rawbot who has received 154 tips amounting to $4,284.20.

These numbers are huge and they don’t even include Twitter tips!

How to Start Tipping?

To tip someone on Twitter, reply to their tweet with “$xx.xx @tipprbot”

To tip someone on Reddit, respond to their post or comment with “$xx.xx u/tippr”

You can be as generous as you want with the amount!

Of course, tips should be funded. Sending Tippr a message with “deposit” will prompt the bot to send you an address to which you can deposit your funds. You can check your balance in the same way with the word “balance” and withdraw funds with the word “withdraw”.

Bitcoin Cash Adoption

Bitcoin Cash supporters have always prided themselves in supporting the cryptocurrency that embodies the “true purpose” of bitcoin. Being able to send BCH quickly and easily through this platform further strengthens their vision and encourages the adoption of BCH.

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