Pryvate Ltd. to Launch Their Own ICO with PryvateCoin


Cayman Island-based company Pryvate Ltd. is set to launch their own Initial Coin Offering (ICO), PryvateCoin, soon. Pryvate Ltd. specializes in e2e encryption services, are the developers behind the PryvateNow app.

As the need for encryption services grows, awareness and applications for blockchain technology grows as well. Pryvate wants to take advantage of this opportunity by raising $20 million with their ICO funding that will enable continuous growth for their technologies and effectively market their products at a global scale at the same time.

The PryvateCoin (PVC) token will be an important component of the PryvateNow app: it will allow the implementation of numerous key functions in the Pryvate ecosystem, such as the effective decentralization of many of its features and a reasonable and transparent system of rewards.

“Pryvate is fully dedicated to the token model for our platform, and we look forward to the app becoming entirely tokenized and the incredible advantages that this move will offer our users,” Jonathan Parker-Bray, Pryvate’s CEO said.

Pryvate aims to establish an easy-to-use, cross-platform, multi-use system that also provides invaluable services and increases PVC’s value. PVC wants to create an incentive-based, fully-secure encryption technology industry.

You can view the lite paper here.

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