Investors are Setting their Sights on Blockchain Technology


Blockchain—the technology that powers cryptocurrencies—has potential applications for almost any industry that involves documentation, registration, record-keepings and transactions.

Although bitcoin was created in 2009, the idea behind blockchain has been around since the 1960s. Ever since bitcoin was catapulted into the world stage, blockchain gained increasing recognition in the tech investment industry as well. With plenty of venture funding around, many blockchain applications have been developed and are being developed right now.

Even in its early stages, blockchain has gained a reputation for potential that most businesses that associate itself with the term are likely to attract more investment.

Blockchain is available to anyone with a modem. It allows the creation of decentralized, publicly available digital ledgers. Blockchain is similar to a safety deposit box—only it’s digital. Its security comes from being tamper-proof.

With blockchain, no one is in specific control, because everyone can access it. Everyone knows what’s happening, everyone knows what’s going on, and no one can change the record. Blocks of data are irreversible, so blockchains are basically permanent audit trails.

While many individual investors consider blockchain to be a mysterious technical puzzle, its potential application in various fields and industries are attracting a huge flow of venture capital and corporate development investors.

Apart from cryptocurrency, the potential applications of blockchain include:

  • Securities
  • Financial Markets Systems
  • Bank Operations
  • Payment platforms
  • Private blockchain
  • Decentralizing the sharing economy
  • Medical records
  • Digital Public Registries
  • Law Enforcement
  • Voting
  • Securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • P2P e-commerce

So far, most of the venture funding for blockchain has been concentrated in bitcoin-related businesses.  But, some of the money is spread out for other applications such as media identification, private blockchain and ecommerce.

Investing in blockchain requires an understanding of the different types of entities profiting in the technology’s evolving uses. People who are looking into getting this exposure for their portfolios can do so by investing in individual stocks or funds of companies involved in:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Manufacturing
  • Software Services and Solutions

As applications continue to grow and evolve, a wider range of blockchain-related investment opportunities is expected to emerge among public companies.


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