LinkedIn Joins Facebook and Google in Crypto Ad Ban

Yet another company has joined the likes of Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and Twitter in the banning of cryptocurrency related advertisements from their online platforms.


The business and employment online service LinkedIn has just announced that they would be banning ICO ads and other cryptocurrency related advertisements from their platforms. However, these ads are still currently allowed on other Microsoft owned platforms.

This year’s first quarter has seen quite a number of platforms prohibiting crypto ads and these bans have had negative effects on cryptocurrency market prices. The biggest blow to the crypto market was when search engine giant Google announced in mid-March that it was going to start banning crypto-related ads in June 2018, as reported here.

Though the bans may have effects on cryptocurrency value, crypto supporters argue that the bans do not have significant effects in terms of their original intention—reduce fraudulent activities and protect investors.

Cryptocurrency investment promotions have moved to different platforms and chatrooms. This traditional word-of-mouth advertising method works wonders for ICO advertising.

In China, where ICO websites and other crypto-related websites are blocked, interest in the subjects are still pretty high.

It just goes to show that regardless of the extremes companies and even entire countries would go through to limit consumer interaction with cryptocurrency, interested people would still find a way around them.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc


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