Startups that are Using Blockchain Technology in Innovative Ways


Blockchain is more than just about cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency created quite a lot of noise this past year. While the technology has been around for some time now, 2017 was the year it really took off. Last year saw the rise of some of the earliest cryptocurrencies in the market. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency hit $20,000 a coin and other coins, like Ethereum, saw their prices go up as well. However, Blockchain, the technology that powers these tokens have far more uses besides cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain, through a network of smart contracts that work by using decentralized information on a ledger, can provide unparalleled security and speed necessary for data transmissions. This indicates that blockchain can be applied in nearly every industry where value is exchanged.

This is the very reason why many startups have begun exploring how they can use this technology to change the way the world works. Below are a few startups that are using blockchain technology to create a better world.


  1. Fr8

Fr8’s blockchain network assists in the digitization of documents related to the trade of assets, even in situations where intermediaries and brokers are encouraged to resist change. Last year, for example, trucks drove 29 billion empty miles in the U.S alone. By applying Fr8’s blockchain technology, the industry will be able to streamline and organize its data in a trustworthy way.

  1. IOST

Internet of Services or IOST is a new cryptocurrency that is trying to solve issues in scalability. IOST, a technological descendant of Ethereum, is a blockchain that serves as a foundation for developers to create decentralized applications. IOST helps businesses by cutting out intermediaries, giving them peace of mind in terms of data safety.

  1. ImpactPPA

ImpactPPA is creating a platform called the SmartPPA, which connects the blockchain community with environmentally conscious and socially provoking projects that promote the development of sustainable solutions. SmartPPA is designed to supervise renewable energy resources from generation, to distribution to payment. It aims to solve the world’s most urgent environmental and humanitarian issues.

  1. ShipChain

ShipChain is a freight and logistics program that was built on blockchain. ShipChain focuses on an end-to-end track and trace program that allows for the unification of all carriers across the entire supply chain. ShipChain is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) along with the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

  1. Nano Vision

This startup is aiming towards empowering global citizens to take a step forward and lend their strength in furthering research and development in the prevention of diseases. With blockchain’s naturally decentralized solution, anyone, whether they are ordinary civilians, doctors or scientists, will have access to data and research that has been collected and recorded on Nano Vision’s platform. This program expects to be the stepping stone towards newer research processes and faster innovation.


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