Nvidia to launch Mining GPU Sooner Than Expected

  • New reports speculate that Nvidia is set to launch a mining GPU sooner than expected.
  • Graphics unit of said mining GPU comes with features miners will definitely love.
  • Leaked specifications suggest the Inno3D card is based on the gaming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Nvidia, leading producer of video processors, is set to launch a dedicated mining graphics card, according to reports. Initial specifications imply that the Inno3D model is modeled on the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. One can assume that it is a clone of the gaming card, but will offer customization aimed towards cryptocurrency miners.

The upcoming processor is said to be powered by an older version of the “Pascal” chips which were used on the GTX 1080 Ti and Titan-branded cards. Compared to gaming products, Nvidia’s mining card will be offering custom configuration for the memory as well as the promise of a faster performance. It will, however, lack a video output.

The card will use Inno3D7s twin X2 cooler design, with two fans and five heat pipes. Leaked photos give no clue as to whether there will be a bracket to be attached to a mining frame. However, according to Crypto Mining Blog, the GPU will provide a standard PC bracket as an accessory.

Manufacturers Now Adapting to Growing Market Demand

Major players in the video processor industry were forced to take measures in adapting to the growing market demand. More than 3 million graphics cards were reportedly bought by cryptocurrency miners in 2017, with over $776 million in total sales. Advanced Micro Systems or AMD announced their plans to increase production. Nvidia is said to be preparing to offer a new “Turing” card specifically for mining applications.

Companies, according to recent reports, are reportedly fearful of decreasing demand brought about by market and regulatory risks. Tech sites revealed that Nvidia decided to delay the launch of “Turing” until July, and may even scrap plans to offer a mining GPU. Likewise, AMD also showed concerns of card sales plummeting in 2018. But when a new industry player announced its desire to join the GPU market, winds shifted. Asrock, a hardware manufacturer, is expected to join the fray in April. Asrock may introduce its own GPU which will be based on AMD chips.



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