Home Heaters Are Now Mining Crypto


When computers get too hot, they overheat and automatically shut down. Fortunately Qarnot, a French startup, is taking advantage of what may seem an inconvenient side effect for most of us into something completely functional and profitable. They are selling a cryptocurrency heater that not only warms your home but mines crypto while doing so!

The device, which is called the QC-1 crypto heater, looks similar to a black radiator with a grille and wooden top. Inside the crypto heater, you can find two AMD GPUs (Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 580 with an 8GB RAM). By default the QC-1 mines ether but users can instruct the device to mine other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or litecoin.

As per Qarnot, the QC-1 takes around 10 minutes to set up and is linked to the internet via an Ethernet cable. Owners can monitor the device’s progress in mining coins or they could activate a heating booster by means of a companion app.

Qarnot doesn’t profit or take a cut off of the crypto mined by the QC-1 heaters. This means that you can earn profit while staying warm. With the current Ether price as the base, Qarnot predicts that you will be able to mine an average of around $120 worth of cryptocurrency per month with their heater.

The heater will cost you around €2,900 ($3,571) and if you place an advance order before March 20, you’ll get your rig around June 20.

Whatever the case may be, spending this huge amount of money on a mining rig doesn’t seem practical. However, if you’re serious about crypto mining and would like to cut down your heating bill at the same time, then the QC-1 may provide you with the best means to address issues simultaneously.



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