Ethereum Foundation Announces their First Grant Beneficiaries


On March 7, 2018, the Ethereum Foundation went on to announce on their blog their first wave of grants in support of decentralized applications (DAPPS) and smart contracts to be made on the Ethereum blockchain. The grants range from the highest amount of $1.5 million worth of ETH to $10 thousand worth of ETH.

The Ethereum Foundation was made to support the Ethereum platform and promote the creation of DAPPS by providing developers with the tools and funds they need.

The foundation’s grant program was initially announced to encourage projects that focused on Ethereum’s scalability but they have since decided to include usefulness and security as well. They are now also looking into funding design projects.

Thirteen teams are included in the foundation’s first wave of grants. These teams will receive non-dilutive funding, technical guidance and advisory, connection to more users and access to a platform on which they can share their work. Additional funding may be rewarded to teams who achieve “milestones.”

A “hackternship” grant is given to Ethereum community members that are able to propose what they call an “impactful Ethereum side project.”

Here is a list of the winners and their grants:

  1. L4 Research – Scalability Grant – $1.5M
  2. Runtime Verification – Security Grant – $500K
  3. ETHGlobal – DevEx Grant – $200K
  4. Prysmatic Labs – Scalability Grant – $100K
  5. DDA – #buidl Grant – $100K
  6. Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Scalability Grant – $50K
  7. Plasma Taiwan Dev – Scalability Grant – $25K
  8. Ethers.js – DevEx Grant – $25K
  9. Turbo Geth – Scalability Grant – $25K
  10. Solium – DevEx Grant – $10K
  11. Alex Komarov – Design Grant – $10K
  12. (Anonymous) – Hackternship – $10K
  13. Ankit Raj – Hackternship – $10K

This is just the first wave of grants to be given and we can expect more to come. In their blog, they mention a few things they are looking for for the next grants. So if you are a developer who wishes to participate and if you believe you can contribute to Ethereum’s scalability, usefulness, security, and design, you can apply here.


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