High Demand for Corporate Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Integration; Amazon and Starbucks to Follow Rakuten?



After Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten came out with their Rakuten Coin, it seems that more companies are considering hopping aboard the blockchain tech wagon. People want Amazon and Starbucks cryptocurrencies and the companies might possibly yield. And it’s not very hard to see why. Blockchain technology is very flexible in the sense that it has the potential to upgrade virtually most of the aspects of everyday life.

In a recent survey conducted by LendEDU, Amazon users have expressed positive feedback towards the possibility of an Amazon cryptocurrency. Amazon users from all over the world can take advantage of this global digital currency to pay for their purchases without having to deal with bank/credit card charges, slow payment processing, and bank/card errors that might delay one’s transaction.

No official announcement has been made towards actually creating their own cryptocurrency but Amazon has already applied blockchain technology in its operations last December when they signed a deal with R3 for the use of their Corda platform.

Popular coffee chain Starbucks has also announced the possibility of integrating blockchain technology into their existing Starbucks app. A possible Starbucks digital currency is also being considered.

“I think blockchain technology is probably the rails in which an integrated app at Starbucks will be sitting on top of,” the company’s former CEO Howard Schultz mentioned in an interview with Fox Business.

What do you think about these corporate cryptocurrency plans? What other companies would you like to see create their own digital currencies in the future? Comment your thoughts and ideas on the comment section below. Join this exciting digital currency discussion!

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