Cryptocurrency VS Stocks: Which Should You Invest On?


So you’re thinking of investing your hard-earned money but you’re not quite sure where to put it. Traditionally, people who are saving for retirement or looking to achieve some far-off goals would turn to the stock market. Stocks, after all, have  offered the most potential growth for the longest time. These days, however, cryptocurrency has changed the game and is proving to be a better investment.

Cryptocurrency and stocks are suitable for those with an aggressive risk appetite because both are high risk, high reward investments. However at the rate that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are growing, investing in them would be taking an asymmetric bet wherein the potential gains greatly outweigh the possible loss. The potential to become a millionaire with your Bitcoin investment outweighs the possibility of capital loss.

It’s also a lot much easier to invest in cryptocurrency than in the stock market. To invest in stocks, you’d have to choose a stockbroker and open a trading account with them. To open a trading account, you’d need to provide valid IDs, signature cards and even a proof of billing! With cryptocurrency, all you need is a digital wallet and you’re good to go! With the stock market you’re only able to trade for a limited time each day. The stock market is also closed on weekends and holidays. With most cryptocurrencies, however, you are able to trade 24/7.



Over the years, Bitcoin has performed strongly and showed huge returns as well as continuing customer adoption. Out of all currencies (including cryptocurrencies) worldwide, Bitcoin generated greater returns than any for 5 out of 6 years. Impressive right?

Bitcoin’s value may have gone down during certain periods over the last few months but it has emerged strong again. And with Bitcoin’s value going high again and its underlying computational network stronger and more secure than ever, isn’t it about time you take a more serious look at investing in Bitcoin?

A lot of people have already made and continue to make HUGE amounts of money with Bitcoin. Don’t wait until it’s too late to join! One of the best ways for you to find out all you need about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment is to check out our updates here at Cryptoclub! Check out our FB page for our daily updates on the crypto market too!



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