Next Generation FinTech “MaxBox”


As the Philippine’s highest-ranking FinTech solution provider, MaxBox will open and operate
the first regular virtual currency exchange office in the Philippines to support the circulation of
virtual currency, and the so-called ICO (Initial Coin Offering) by releasing its own token
in order to provide platform services to assist the financing of each company and project, and
will strongly promote the revitalization of corporate activities both inside and outside the

At MaxBox, we will promote the distribution of various virtual currencies by themselves as
virtual currency exchangers and will also use virtual currency based on Ethereum Smart
Contract as our own token. Furthermore, by connecting with virtual currency such as Bitcoin,
we will provide infrastructure for virtual currency which combines usefulness and liquidity.
Blockchain offers a fundamentally different new mechanism for storing and managing
information online. By using distributed ledgers, it is possible to overwhelmingly solve system
issues and security problems existing in traditional centralized databases and protocols.
The Blockchain solution has advantages of transparency, invariance, cost, security and
reliability. This is also clear from the fact that financial businesses, government agencies
and other organizations are considering all kinds of applications in terms of providing services
more effectively and efficiently. However, deploying a new Blockchain for each of these
objectives place a heavy burden on network infrastructure, development, security, and ongoing
maintenance. Also, when using existing Blockchain (such as Bitcoin) with As-Is, users cannot
control the function of Blockchain and future development work, so many problems will arise in
service development.

MaxBox also adopts a similar approach for deploying Blockchain so that we can develop
services via the Blockchain and Ethereum platform which implements powerful APIs and
frameworks. This enables optimization of development process and flexible application
development. Thereby, MaxBox can provide state-of-the-art systems and services such as
company analysis using ICO platform and AI based on Blockchain and Smart Contract,
ensuring transparency and effectiveness.



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