ICO & Blockchain Cybersecurity Webinar until Jan.30 2018 6PM


Important note:
This is an ONLINE webinar. Please register at https://icosecuritywebinar.blockchainreview.io/

Not a week goes by without a hack taking the headlines. Don’t let your ICO project fail. Secure your project properly and it might just save you from extinction. Come join me for this webinar as we take you through ICO & Blockchain Cybersecurity best practices.

We’ll be covering:
– the current threats in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world are
– the main vulnerabilities in ICO and blockchain cybersecurity
– How to build cybersecurity best practices into your blockchain platform
– What you need to do NOW to protect your ICO or blockchain project
– Things you need to prepare for future proofing your ICO or blockchain project.

We’ll end with a live Q&A.

Register now at https://icosecuritywebinar.blockchainreview.io/


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